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Wheel of Fortune

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One game I used last week is a kind of hangman/wheel of fortune type of thing. Here's how it goes: Think of a phrase and put it on the board as blank spaces (_ _ _ _) Vowels cost $1000 dollars and $1000 to solve. Divide the class (I've used this with 55+ student classes) into two. Decide which team goes first. One student comes up and sticks his hand in the bag you are holding. In the bag are 30 cards; 15 are dollar amounts (ex.$100) as well as 2 MISS A TURN cards, 4 BANKRUPT cards (a skull and crossbone) 1 x2 card (doubles current amount) and 1/2 card (divides amount in half). The other 15 cards are various task cards that the student (or team) must perform to receive the dollar amount on the card. Some of the tasks I've used: balloon burst-student chooses one of three balloons which have dollar amounts in them (one of which has a minus amount), and bursts the balloon; song; 3.solo song; 4.ball toss; 5.backward number recital in a particular time limit; 6.animal recital (time limit) 7.pushups; 8.envelope choice; 9.picture drawing; 10.charades; 11.balance acts,etc. If the student completes the task, they get the dollar amount and their team chooses a letter. If the letter is in the phrase, they get to go again; if not, their turn is over. The team with the highest point total at the end of the class wins. I don't belive it's completely necessary to make sure the tasks are completely English-related, just try to come up with something interesting. My students really loved this game. If you have any questions just e-mail me.

Name: John Mooy
Email: [email protected]
Location: Pusan, S.Korea

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