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I usually convert a board game into a vocabualry learning game. take a game like pictionary or scattergories. The day before teach the students a reasonable amount of words. Then the next day do an overview quickly but also introduce th e game. Divide the children in small groups and give one person in the group a word to act out and let the otehrs guess the word but also write it on a piece of paper. the piece of paper shoud also have rows and columns where you the teacher can incorpo rate a theme. Lets say, the word is sister. You can put on the piece of paper prior to the game a column that asks for the name of the child's sister, the color of her hair...etc. this always proves to be fun since the children think of it as fun rather than a lesson and actually they learn more than just the new words but also learn to socialize and speak english with more confidence. You might want to use volunteers or assistants to monitor each group.

Name: Farin Habib
Email: [email protected]
Location: Vanciuver, BC Canada

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