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This has worked successfully for me in class. Its on writing - I got my class to write on their own in such a short time - within one period (1 hr). Group them into small groups of fours/5s, then distributed a piece of paper with the begining of the story/composition only like:
"I was about to turn in and from my bedroom I ...." For each group there is a different beginning. I gave them time (about 3 minutes each) to write - I had a whistle with me, I timed them and when times up - blew the whistle - the next person in the group continued to write
and so on till the last member of the group has written.

It got interesting as each member began to add in their own twist/action to the story. In the end they were satisfied and each group then exchange stories. Their finish product was put up behind the class for everyone to read.

It was a successful day for me. Try it.

Name: Marzuki Maulud
Email: [email protected]
Location: Malacca, Malaysia

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