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Tic Tac Toe

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Here's a great game to review just about anything- vocabulary, grammar, etc. I teach the ESL literacy class at the Fremont Adult School in Fremont, California. Let's say after working on a certain lifeskill such as medical ailments, yo u want to review Y/N questions with "do and don't"- you draw a large tic tac toe grid on the board. In each box, hang up a large visual-such as a picture of a person with a headache, stomachache, fever, etc. You'll need 9 visuals in all. Divide the class into 2 teams "X" and "O". Number each box 1-9. Go over the pictures first. Then flip a coin to see which team goes first. In order for the team to receive the "X" or the "O" for the box they have chosen, they must answer your question corrrectly. So let's say a student chooses box 5; it has a visual of a person with a fever. You ask the student, "Do you have a stomachache?" The student must respond, "No, I don't." in order to win that box for his of her team. You keep alternating between the teams until one team has tic tac toe, or it is a draw. After a team wins a box, remove the visual a put an "X" or and "O" in that box. The students love it. They become very competitive, especially when someone on their team chooses the wrong box. You c an play this game to review just about anything- from vocabulary to prepostions of place,or from simple Yes/No questions to really anything else you can think of. This activity works great with illiterate adults, because they don't have to know how to read in order to play. All they need to know is their numbers. Most students are already familiar with the ailments, and they have very little trouble identifying the visuals. Most countries have tic tac toe or the students are familiar with BINGO, so they catch on to the game quickly. Have fun!

Name: Rochelle Oral
Email: [email protected]
Location: Fremont, Ca USA

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