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Chalkboard Vocabulary Game

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Hi there. Here's an idea I use with my elementary and middle school classes (beginner-intermediate). First, devide the class into 2 teams
(possibly more if you have a lot of students) With one student from each team at the chalkboard, a sk them to perform a task - I usually tell them to spell a level-appropraite word, then draw a picture, then write a particular number. After each task, a point is awarded to the team that finishes first.

Each task can be varied to suit ANY skill level. For example, my elementary classes spell the word(s) cat, book, eraser, car,etc. My middle school classes will spell words like education, school, Canada and dictionary. When drawing, (my favourite ) students can not only be
told to draw an object, but a certain number of objects, a particular emotion, and even using a particular colour. This makes students listen very closely to your instructions, and really gets the entire class excited (high sch ool students have also really enjoyed this game). I sometimes (devilishly) enjoy watching my students try to draw 4 happy yellow cats and 1 angry blue gorilla.

I'm not sure if anyone will find this game useful, but my students certainly find it very enjoyable and exciting for trhe last 10 minutes of class.

Name: Scott McLeod
Email: [email protected]
Location: Chinhae, Kyongnam Korea

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