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Role Playing in Indonesia

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Well, here I am right in the middle of the Asian crisis and can't afford to keep photo copying worksheets. What should we do? Try role playing with your students. Eg. Somone is a Japanese tourist and somone else is a driver. The driver is waiting to pick up the Japanese tourist at the Airport. And go from there.

I am writing this to tell you that teaching doesn't have to be photo-copied worksheets. The teaching style of teaching that has helped the most is making a situation and helping the students create the dialouge for the situation.

Remember when giving a dialogue, make it so it is natural, filled with idioms, and lots of slang.

Keep them practising until they hate it. But rest assured that by the end of the class they will know those phrases you teach them. Don't teach words. Teach phrases.

That's it, please remember less is better than more. More vocabulary, more grammar, more writing, and more stress from you as the teacher will make your students turn into rocks. Language is meant to communicated.

I usually teach 3 new vocabulary words a day and about 3 new phrases related to a paticular conversation. Less is better. They feel good because they can say something. If you give them too much, they won't remember anything.

What is it like for you to learn a foreign language?. How much can you remember in one day and how much can you actually recall to use in a
conversation? This has worked for me. I hope it can help fellow teachers wanting to get there students to talk more .

Name: Trooper
Email: [email protected]
Location: Surabaya, Or Indonesia

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