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One fun activity to reinforce parts of a sentence and spawn creativity is Whowhatwherewhenwhy. On a piece of paper, students write the words
Who, What, Where, When and Why in a column down the left side. Next to the word Who they write t he subject of a sentence, as creatively as
they like. They fold that part of the paper back so What is on top, and all students pass their papers to the left. Without looking at the subject, they write a verb next to What, fold, and pass their papers to the left. Students continue in this way, writing the Where, When and Why. When they are finished writing Why, they open their papers, make sure the verb agrees with the subject and the time frame, and share their sentences with the class. You'll end u p with some very bizarre and amusing sentences.

Name: Bonita Treinen
Email: [email protected]
Location: Poland

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