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This is a very simple idea while using videos in the classroom.
First three volunteers (or victims!) are needed. Then the three of them leave the classroom. While they are outside you play a piece of video (preferably a small story or a "scketch" with many details). You and your students discuss the story, paying attention to the details.
Then you call one of the ones outside (A). Your students volunteerly tell A the story. A can't ask anything!! Call another student outside (B). A tells B all ths story, and for sure he will invent details or
give other information. Then you call the other student outside (C). Then B tells C the story. It's really fun seeing how stories can be changed!!!

Then C tells the class the whole story. At the end all of you see the video again and discuss the wrong information and then the idiomatic

Name: Roxana Garcia
Email: [email protected]
Location: Lima, Peru

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