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Exercise to Practise "used to"

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This is my version of a common exercise to practise "used to" for habitual actions in the past. Students are each given a piece of paper detailing an event which has changed their life. They tell the group three things that they used to (or didn't use to)do. The group try to guess what the life-changing event was, asking "Did you use to?" questions if necessary. You can make this lots of fun for adult students by choosing weird and wonderful events, but you have to be sure what's accep table in the students' culture. Some of the events that work well are:- Three months ago you had your first baby; Five years ago you were found guilty of robbery; six weeks ago you won the lottery; one year ago you retired from your job;two years ago you met the man/woman of your dreams; one month ago you won an Olymic gold medal for Sumo wrestling; A variation is to get your students to invent a life- changing event for another student to present to the class.

Name: Bernadette Kelly
Email: [email protected]
Location: Belfast, UK

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