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On The Spot

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Level: beginning to advanced
Group Size: any
Skill: asking and responding to questions
Time: 1-15 minutes

Choose a student to be "on the spot." For the next one to two minutes, this student must answer in English any questions posed to him (in English) by another member of the class. There is one very important rule for the students asking questions: They must be able to answer any
questions they ask. This rule ensures that the activity is a learning experience for all involved, since the student who asked the question must provide the correct answer if the student who is "on the spot" cannot.

Notes: If this activity is used repeatedly, students will work hard to build their vocabularies so they can ask good questions and answer those that are presented. The teacher may want to assign a particular subject (i.e. time, sports, family, daily activities, etc.) to channel students' learning. In a larger class, it is also helpful to keep a record of the last time each student was put "on the spot" so that all students are equally chosen.
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Name: Dawn Holliday
Email: [email protected]
Location: USA

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