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Procedure : Get the learners to think of friends/families who are going to have birthdays etc in the next month. At least five people each. Then set up this situation. They've won $ 10 000 and a set of other items in a competition. The catch is that in or der to keep the
$10 000, they have to give away the items to people who would really like them for their birthday etc. They can only give one present to one person and that person must keep and use the present. The learners then get a list of items .. it 's up to you to make the list ( could be on the board, on a transparency, on a handout, on separate slips of paper, or, alternatively, real objects could be used) .. for my class I included 'A complete set of Spice Girl dolls, an old gramophone, an annual subscription to 'Marxism Today' etc .. The students have to discuss with their partners and write down the names of people they could give each present to. Alternatively they could circulate and do it by talking to one other student about one present and then moving on. If you have a larger class, the presents could all be 'given' to other people in the class. The learners could practise expressions
like : 'I think my cousin could do with ....... / This would suit ..... down to the ground / My brother cou ld use ............... .

Name: Martin McMorrow
Email: [email protected]
Location: Adelaide, SA Australia

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