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Imagining Your Favorite Thing

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Another gift game I learnt from James Johnson from St Giles College in London is a bit more imaginative! Ask the learners to imagine their
favourite thing. Give them some cues to help them really visualise it and actually hold it in their hands. Ask for example 'How does it smell?' 'Feel the weight of it in your hands' .. This is best done with everyone's eyes closed! Then everyone stands up and describes their object as they 'hand' it to another person in the class. Of course, now each person has some one else's favourite object, but the fun is just beginning! They carry on exchanging the things and describing them as fully as possible, saying things like 'This is Yoko's piano ... be careful .. it's very heavy .. her mother gave it to her on her 10th birthday .... etc' .. At the end of the activity, everyone describes what they've got in their hands at the moment .. with often comical results, since things have changed so much !! Good luck !!

Name: Martin McMorrow
Email: [email protected]
Location: Adelaide, SA Australia

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