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Students who are using the web as a resource to help them learn a language might be interested in downloading a copy of my VocabViewer program for Windows 95 and NT.

VocabViewer makes it easy for students to compile vocabulary lists while using the web. All they have to do is select the word they want to add to their list then copy it to the windows clipboard. VocabViewer takes care of making a permanent copy of the word or expression and formatting it in your list. This all happens automatically, and you don't have to change from your browser to another program at any time.

When you've finished browsing, you can switch to VocabViewer to edit your list or add explanations or translations to it. Your list can be saved to disk or printed out pre-formatted as vocabulary slips which can be used to help you learn the words.

The program can be freely downloaded from:

It's an 88K file so downloading is quick and easy, and the program doesn't make any changes to your Windows configuration.

Why not give it a try?

Name: Colin Mahoney
Email: [email protected]
Location: Sabadell, Spain

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