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Blind Stalking and Walking

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Suitable for beginners who are staring out the window.
Materials Required: 2 blindfolds, 2 water pistols

It's almost June and it's sunny outside - so why not take the students outside if you can? This activity is structured enough to keep the class speaking in English, and fun enough to make them forget that it's class time.

Two teams form a large circle. Number the teams so that each person has a shadow partner on the other team. The shadow partners enter the circle and are blindfolded. Stealthily, you place the water pistols around the periphery of the circle at random. When you yell "GO!" the teams give their teammate instructions on how to find the water pistol (Walk Forward! Turn right! Turn 25 degrees to the left! Reach down!) The first blind stalker to find a water pistol can whip off their mask and shoot the opposition member.

Follow - up activity - requires sidewalk chalk.
Blind Walking
Draw two identical little 'mazes' on concrete. Indicate 'jump points' with coloured bars. The two teams line up in front of their respective mazes, and one member of each team is blindfolded. The teammates then instruct their teammate on how to go through the maze (Turn left! Walk forward - stop. Jump!). If the blind walker steps out of the lines or fails to jump over a jump bar - they have to start again. After the first member has gone through the maze - they pass their blindfold to the next member. The first team to finish wins. If the students finish quickly and are still happy participants - ask each team to create their own maze. When they finish - the teams switch to do the other maze. Same rules apply.

Name: Margaret Evans
Email: [email protected]
Location: Chibougamau, QC Canada

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