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This is a good oral activity for students who are too shy to speak in front of an entire class but are able to express their views in a one-on-one situation. It's especially good for students who lack the skills to carry on a 10 minute conversation about a specific topic.

Level : Suitable for Secondary 4 & 5 (grades 10 & 11) - intermediate level
Materials : Debate topics at least one for every two students

Instructions :

Divide the class into two main groups.
Set up the desks in a big circle - groups of desks in a ring.
First group is in the middle - and will move counter-clockwise around the desks. The second group is the outer ring - and will move clockwise around the desks.

At each table there is a debate topic. Students in the middle will argue for the affirmative, while students on the outside will argue the negative. Each time, pairs of students have two minutes to debate their topic. Then they must move to their next debate.

Introduce imporant vocabulary for the debate

Sample debate topics:

1 The legal drinking age should be 14.
2 - We should be allowed to smoke in school.
3 - English should be a required subject in school.
4 - The colour of margarine should be white.
5 - There should be a movie theater in Chibougamau.

Name: Margaret Evans
Email: [email protected]
Location: Chibougamau, QC Canada

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