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Writing as Punishment

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I teach in the schools, not in private institutes. In this situation keeping discipline in your class can be difficult, many Korean school teachers face classes of as many as 65 students. So, what do you do when they get lazy? Unlike so me of my Korean co-workers I have no desire to liberally apply a rod to the students. My best method of disciplining a class, or just the members who didn't do the homework is very simple. Remember when the teacher made you write 100 times "I will not _ ____ in class" ? Well, what I do is I give them 10 sentences, for example "British Columbia's largest city is Vancouver. Beoing airplanes are from Seattle. The largest state is Alaska, Texas is the second largest. Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada." etc. etc. Then I require that they write each sentence 10 times and hand it the sentences to me before ___.

The time that I set is always close enough to the present (before lunch, before the 6th class, etc.) that they have to sacr ifice their break time. I find this is especially good in that I can quiz the students the next time I have them. So, yes, they blew off the homework, or indeed they were getting rowdy in class, but now they know 10 new facts. Best of all it doesn't ma ke them resent me, they can see my authority as a teacher, but it's a fair

So, next time you just don't know what to do... try the old write it 100 times punishment! It works! And you are still being educational!

Name: Cedar
Email: [email protected]
Location: Daegu, Korea

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