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Purple Kiss

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I teach Korean elementary students of all levels. No matter what their level, one thing they all have in common is that they can be rowdy and quite naughty at times. To keep them in line, I use the "Purple Kiss" threat. The students eve n helped me make a list of rules and consequences for breaking them. A minor thing such as forgetting to bring the text book will cost the culprit the humiliation of being kissed by the teacher in front of everyone. Something bigger, such as fist fighti ng during class, warrants more of those dreaded kisses. You can buy really dreadful colors of lipstick quite cheaply to use when punishing students. The students all love the drama of my whipping out the color of the day, carefully applying as much as possible, and then giving the naughty student in question a big smack on the cheek. Like the infamous scarlet "A", they are then branded for the remainder of the class.

Name: Rike Neville
Email: [email protected]
Location: Ulsan, South Korea

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