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Ask Me (Present Perfect)

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Aim : getting to know you - question forming

I find that students above beginners get a little jaded with the present yourself routine at the beginning of a course, so I've turned it round. Start by saying to the students that as they've never met you before they must be burning with questions. Then limit them with rules.
Here are mine as a pointer:

You can only ask 10 questions
I don't answer silly questions (eg What do you do?)

I don't answer prefer questions (eg Do you prefer France to England? Do you prefer French food to English food? Do you prefer French men to English men?)

I don't answer questions about the royal family. (I come from Buckingham)

Then as they ask the questions, write the incorrect ones on the board
When they have finished get them to correct as a group.

I find this an excellent pointer as to where problems may lie for future lessons and a good reminder of question forming for the students.

Alternative for higher business levels. Do the same activity instruction the participants that they are a panel of interviewers for a new job.

Name: Rosamund
Email: [email protected]
Location: St Etienne La Varenne, Rhone, France

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