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Getting To Know You Game

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AIM: 'Getting to know you' questions for a first lesson.

The following is similar to that of Rosamund, but takes the form of a Bingo game.

METHOD: As the students enter a new classroom and find a new face, they will be inevitably curious. As they begin to mutter or fire random questions, write the answers on the board. Write 16 answers then stop. Give them a quick moment to digest this. You can include things like 'I am a teacher.' 'Yes I do.' 'No I can't.' This gives them something to think about past closed questions.

First language offered is. 'I am a new teacher. You have many questions. Here are the answers. Please ask me the questions. You begin by going through the questions and answers so the students are familiar with it all. You then ask them all to draw up a grid 4x4. All the anwers are written onto the grid in random order.


So that the games are not over too quickly, I set only 3 or 4 lines as the 'Bingo'. Anything not matching those lines are not
winning Bingos. (ie, the top line is not indicated, so it is not a winning Bingo.) The students then call out the questions and the whole class marks off the answer on the sheet.

I play in groups as the classes are quite large, so each group must write exactly the same cards out. The groups can then score points according to which Bingo they have actually scored.

Name: Lalla Stewart
Email: [email protected]
Location: Bangsaen, Chonburi Thailand

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