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Hi there! One idea that works well for pronunciation that I
used for my workshops is to use suckers when practising "th"
sounds. The students must hold the sucker directly in front of their lips but not necessarily touching. They then practise words, phrases etc containing "th". My students were mixed levels from 18-62 and they loved it!

I went around frequently to listen and correct as needed. The suckers also made great prizes for pronunciation bingo as well:) That is a great follow up activity that I got off the net where the teacher makes a set of about 6 different cards with word pairs that sound similar (pat, bat, etc.) My students really enjoyed this as well.

I found one combo that was troublesome was cart and caught. It created excitement when bingo wasn't achieved by the person who yelled out:) Give it a try and see what you think. try and get students
to be the caller.:)

Name: Candice Hobbs
Email: [email protected]
Location: Victoria, BC Canada

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