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Practicing Telephone Skills

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Aim : Practising telephoning skills / asking for repetition/ clarification. This activity might also be useful & fun in any situation where a phone might be used.

Students had been taught phrases for making hotel reservations by phone & related vocab. SS are divided into two groups and sat opposite each
other in two lines. One side was the receptionist & the other the caller. The caller would make a call to any of the receptioniosts in the opposite line who was available to talk (holding up their hand.)The two SS had to then have their conversation across the classroom over the voices of all the other SS who were making their calls at the same time, the aim being to find as many "hotels" as possible who had rooms available on a chosen night. The result of this is not total chaos as you might imagine (provided your class is not over 16 or so) but rather the SS are forced to use the new language as clearly and effect ively as possible, with good pronunciation. The activity continues until all possible calls have been made or until the teacher decides enough is enough.

Name: Bob Westerdale
Email: [email protected]
Location: Manchester, UK

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