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Do you ever do group activities, and only one or two students
participate while the others draw on their desks or chat? Here in Japan, I teach at 15 schools (junior high and elementary) and nearly 80
different English classes. There is one game which I have invented, and
which I am quite proud of, that has had astounding results. Every student can participate (and does so eagerly), because it has a variety
of tasks for a variety of competencies. It is fast-paced, noisy, and
most of all, it's FUN. It is a true team effort, and students divide
the work themselves while developing their own team strategies. This
game is not suited to introducing new materials, but can be used to
practice or review virtually any language point, from basic vocabulary
to complex sentence patterns. If you do not want students running
around the classroom and screaming from excitement (I'm not exaggerating here), DO NOT USE THIS GAME!

Instructions and downloadable materials are available here:

Please give a it try, and when you do, send me your suggestions for
improvement. If you make your own version of the game, I'd like to post
your materials on the web site listed above. Thanks a lot, and have

Name: Jim Bertelsen
Email: [email protected]
Location: Komatsu, Ishikawa JAPAN

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