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Tongue Twisters in Korea

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I have been working in Korea for a year and have been using Tongue Twisters for a fun activity to help pronunciation. I have used them with all levels and all ages and everybody enjoys them. For variation, you can assign the students to practice the Tongue Twisters at home then hold a competition. You will be able to find many Tongue Twisters on the net, and in almost any language. To really get your students attention, have them teach YOU a Tongue Twister in their native language. Le t them give it to you as an assignment. I love working with Tongue Twisters and so do my students. They not only help pronunciation but they are also good practice for controlling the movements your mouth makes during pronunciation.

If you use this idea a in your class, please let me know what you think. Have fun!

Name: Murph
Email: [email protected]
Location: Korea

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