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Translating Vocabulary

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I'm a techer of ESP. At the moment I'm teaching English for the tourism industry (mainly travel agencies) to a group of 15 adult Spanish students (25-35 ys.). They enjoy games (short ones), and today I have tried one with them that was a success -they really enjoyed it.

I looked for 15 words (one for each student) in my dictionary -really difficult words- and dictate them to the class. They had to write them (whatever they had heard) and translate them into Spanish, of course inventing the translation of the word. Then, as I have given them each a word, they had to include their word in a sentence. While one of the students is writing his/her word, translation and sentence in the blackboard, I ask the rest of the class to say their translations

After that, I write the correct word in the blackboard and ask them to look for the correct meaning. It is a great fun because the translations are really absurd.

For students with a higher level, you can ask them to define the word in English.

Name: Miguel Angel Gonzalez Macias
Email: [email protected]
Location: Cadiz, Spain

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