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Make up at least four identical pairs of drawings of a set of shop shelves, containing varying quantities of countable and uncountable items which are easily identified or labeled. The cards should be easily viewable at a distance of half - a classroom away. Divide the class up into two teams and separate onto two sides of the classroom.
Stand in the centre, and show the two teams the same picture for five seconds. Team A has to phrase a correct question using 'is there any', 'are there some' etc. Team B has to give the correct answer. If the question is wrong, team B get a bonus point for correcting it, if the answer is wrong, team A get a bonus point for providing the correct answer. Answers should be in the correct form, ie yes there are some, is some, is a lot, are a lot, are a few, isn't much are 5, are two packs etc. Show a different set of cards each time and obviously change the questioning team each time. You should be careful to nominate a team spokesperson to ask and answer or the resultant chaos may be more than you can handle, this turns into a really active competetive activity with some really beneficial language interaction. Keep score on the board, teacher can add or subtract own bonus/penalty points for keen/disrutive team members.

Name: John Timney
Email: [email protected]
Location: Muscat, Oman

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