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Recently I had the pleasure of receiving one of the first videos of the movie Titanic. Now please understand, this video has been seen and admired all over the world, and is probably the best movie of the year by far. This is what I did: I took some video clips from the movie and made some really remarkable listening activities for my high school students, as well as other community classes. Not only were students excited that I was able to get the video so fast, in Japan it comes on video in November, but they were impressed by the time I spent putting together a exercise that was interesrting, fun and something they could relate to. Students are interested in movies, so if we can reach them through the use of materials that interest them then we are really trying to reach them.

By the way, the students were impressed because they could finally watch an English movie and understand it completely; even if initially was only a video clip I have took an important step in reaching my students interest.

Please comment, by sending me an email at: [email protected] Let's make lessons which attempt to reach our students and leave them
with a lasting impression on their studies. Thanks.....

Name: Darren C. Long
Email: [email protected]
Location: Tokyo, Japan, Japan

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