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My idea is a game called Talkathon. It is a game in which one student is called to the front of the class and is handed or pointed out an object. The object could just be a common classroom object (eg. pencil) or it could be a personal object of the student's (eg. necklace). The student is then timed as he/she talks as long as possible, without stopping for more than 5 seconds, about this object. For example, 'This is a pencil. It is made of wood. It has a sharp point. It is used for writing, etc....' or, 'This is my necklace. I got it from my grandmother when I left my country to come here, etc...' The winner is the student who can speak the longest, or who is able to reach the time limit (3 minutes?). To maximize the talking in the class, the class can be put into small groups, and each group member can take a turn at the game. The other group members could agree on the object to be talked about. This is a fun game for developing fluency of speech and creativity, as the students eventually figure out ingenious ways of extending their conversations.

Name: Doug Ng
Email: [email protected]
Location: Hong Kong

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