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Virus Game

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This is a game I thought of While I was watching the Dustin Hoffman movie "OUTBREAK." You choose a question pattern such as "Do you like
the apple?" "Yes, I like the apple." No, I do not like the apple." You begin the game by assigning the Virus secretly to a few students in the class.(I like using heads up seven up.) If you have a class of twenty four students you should "give" the virus to 4 or 5. After you give the virus to the students, you tell the class that they need to get eight yes answers from their classmates to win the game. The students with the virus answer No. The other students answer yes.

The play:

The students circulate around the room whispering in to each other's ears, "Do you like the apple?" If the student answers them Yes, then they move on to the next student. If the student answers "NO, I don't like the apple," the asker now has the virus and must answer "NO" for they have lost and now have the virus. Their job now is to give as many students as they possibly can the virus. (Note: Tell the students if they get the virus, they should not make a big deal about it like jump around the room exclaming, "NO!!!," because that will let the other students know to stay away from that student.

This is a very fun game because the students despertaly want to "survive" and win the game.

You can use this game with any sentence pattern or if you are a health teacher this is an excellent introduction to a Virus unit.

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