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Making Your Own Tongue Twisters

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Just wanted to add to the tongue twister idea posted a couple of weeks ago. Make your own!!! A simple way to do this with kids is as a class. Choose a target problem (i.e. in Korea intitial 'f' sounds are often pronounced as 'p'). Then write the following categories on the board: who, where, when, why and what (did they do). Collect multiple answers for each category, i.e. who-Fran, Fred, Frank...where- France, at the water fountain, in a factory when- on Friday, at five o'clock, in February, what - fed the fishes, found a phone, fell down, why - he/she failed a test, felt sick, etc. Help the students according to their level and vocabulary.

When you're done, all you have to do is put the sentence together (you'll probably have to do it for most children's classes).

Fran fed the fishes in in the water fountain at five o'clock because
she felt sick.

Frank fell down in France on Friday because he failed a test.

The students should enjoy these twisters cause they helped to create them. It works well if you can use either the students' names or your own name, cause then it gets personal, and funny!

Name: Dean Comeau
Email: [email protected]
Location: Daegu, South Korea

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