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Verb Tennis & Verb Jeopardy

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1. Verb Tennis

This is a great game to review irregular verbs. On one side of the 3X5 index cards, write the irregular verbs you have introduced. On the other side, write the past and past participle forms. Call two volunteers and give them each three cards. The first student calls out a verb for the second to say the past forms, then the second student shoots back a verb to the first. The winner of three rounds will face a new volunteer. To make it more challenging, have them spell out the past forms too.

2. Verb Jeopardy

Make a simple jeopardy board: On a poster, staple three strips of clear plastic to hold five 3X5 index cards each. (I use remnants of laminated plastic sheets.) On the first 15 index cards, write # 1 to 15; on the next 15 cards or more, write an irregular verb in big black marker and put them behind the number cards. The whole class, teams or small groups can participate in this game. Each calls out a number. You then say and show them the verb for them to say and spell out the past and past participle forms. They get two points if they're correct on both counts. Winners of the first round will compete in the second round, then the third round. The finalists get a lollipop each:-)

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