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To develop listening skills, I would get tape recordings of fairly well known songs. I would type up the lyrics (although today I would go to

I would then select words to eliminate and leave blanks.

Be careful to select singers who enounciate clearly and sing rather slowly, i.e., Pasty Cline's 'Crazy.' And of course, age appropriate song: business people probably would not want to hear Barney the Dinosaur singing "I love you; you love me ....

I then would play each song three times. Each song played 3 times would take about 10 minutes, and I usually used 3 or 4 songs.

This exercise can be done by the students individually, in pairs or small groups. It can also be a test.

I hope this works well for you. It did for me.

This seemed quite effective and popular. I taught 5 evenings a week, and this was their treat on Friday evening. The mistakes students made were often quite amusing. Well, the instructor needs fun too.

Name: Declan Brett
Email: [email protected]
Location: Chicago, IL USA

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