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Interview Bingo

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Give students a 5x5 bingo sheet with questions that can be answered either "yes" or "no". ex. Can you ski? Have you been to Tokyo Disneyland? etc. Any questions will do. After reading/repeating the questions together once with the teacher, the students stand up and
interview their classmates. If their classmate says yes that classmate signs the bingo sheet. The obect is to get bingo (five classmates signatures in a row). The center square is a "free question" (students may ask any questions they wish. To get students to talk to as many students as possible I select questions like , "Are you in the volleyball club?" etc. When students get bingo they go to the teacher. I put Snoopy stamps on their completed sheets. This game is a proven winner in Japanese junior high schools. I've been using it 4 years with all three grade levels and it has never failed.

Give it a try.

Michael Lindley
[email protected]

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