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the hula hoop game

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this game is very easy. I teach in Gwoongdong,Shunde Number 1 Senior High senior 1. I have a thousand students. They study from 7am to 10pm. They get bored easily.I thought this game up on my own.When I'am teaching new vocabulary, the students get a little bored.So after teaching the vocabulary,I quiz them on definations,and word sentence.To make it more fun I gave them a Hula Hoop.Each student must get up in front of the class and not only pronounce the word, but must put the word into a sentence while hula hooping. This sounds silly,maybe very bland,but the girls like to laugh at the boys when their up front hula hooping and pronouncing new words. try it. the hula hoop only cost me 9rmb here in Daaliang.

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