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Prepositions of Location

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For this class the question word of "Where" is concentrated on leading to key words like in, on, by, beside, under...etc. This is for beginner to intermediate students.

This activity is a scavenger hunt/treasure hunt and can also be incorporated into an Easter egg hunt. For smaller classes students can do this individually, and for larger classes you can put the into pairs.

First draw a detailed map of the area where the hunt will take place. Develop ten items to be found and type out that list under the title, "Object", in the left hand side of your page.
Beside each object type in clues as to where it will be found. Label that column "location".
These clues are not just one word or two words but rather "It is in the kitchen under the sink". The map will tell them where the kitchen is if they don't already know the area. This particular clue practices prepostions of location like "in" and "under".

Make sure that you go over the vocabulary with them in the beginning of the class. My adult beginner class surprisingly REALLY enjoyed this activity. I added a surprise object in the mix that theywold know until they got to the area as a gift for their hard work. In the end the first student or pair to collect all the object wins a prize.

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