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Halloween Sense-ational

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Remember when you were a kid and sometimes one class in elementary would create a haunted house for the rest of the school to go through? Well a part of that was the touch test-put your hand in bowls of yucky stuff that feels like brain or eyeballs but it's really spaghetti or peeled grapes.

Well this is the same idea. I've been going over the 6 question words (who, what, where, when, why, and how). How is the latter that this activity deals with, basically practicing adjectives. How does that feel?

Line up 5 or 6 bowls of creepy feeling foods and label it eyeballs, brain, magets..pretty much anything you can come up with. Cover the bowls and one by one have each student stick their hand under the cover and in the bowl. Then have them come up with descriptive words for each bowl. After that you can have pairs come up with sentences for a few of those words.

To add to this exercise you can incorporate taste, smell, sound, and sight in you very own creative way, asking the stdents to do the same thing as the touch test. How does it......?

This gets the students a little nervous about tasting or touching something they don't enjoy, but i gains their trust in the end and they have something to talk about all week. If you're going to do a taste test be sure to be aware of allergies or diabeties.

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