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THE LAWYER - reviewing third singular person

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This is a good idea for ESl students, especially young adults. I learned from a game in a birthday party from my kids. I just changed it to my English class. First, tell your students to make a circle in the classroom, bettter if they are sitting down. Then tell them to point to the person on their left. This person is going to be "THE LAWYER" of each of them. Then you go to the middle and start asking questions, easy ones: " Where do you live?" and you point a student. This student cannot answer, "THE LAWYER" of this student is going to answer. And he/she is going to say " He lives in Spain". It doesn't matter if the information is true or not.
The point of the exercises is 1) answers must be full sentences and use the third singular person, 2) THE LAWYER is the one who is going to answer. If by any chance there are wrong answers " I live in Spain" or the victim answers his / her own questions follow a register of the students with mistakes and after two of them ask the class to impose a punishment. Then you can continue.You can also give a certain period of time for the answers 10 seconds or less. Rules are up to you.

I have used this activity many times since I discovered it and I have changed it to use or practice other tenses: past or future. I'm pretty sure it will be useful. Try it and make your students have some fun by learnig grammar throug a game.

Mrs. Grace Mercado
Modern Languages Teacher
Aliarse Foundation. Languages Center
Barranquilla - Colombia
e- mail: [email protected]

Let me know if it works for you!

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