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I play this game with my Korean students, but I imagine it will be great fun anywhere and with any age groups or topics.

On flash cards that you laminate make 10 vocabulary words/ sentences. Eg:

1.It is sunny today.
2.It was rainy yesterday.
3.It is going to be cloudy.

etc. all the way to ten. Once you have them all typed out (I've also seen them simply written) make copies with some variation. In other words, have fifteen variation sentences or words, and then arrange them randomly, on each card. See below for the example:

student 1 student 2

1. It is windy 1. It is cloudy
2. It is cloudy 2. It is going to rain
3. It is snowing 3. It is snowing
4. It is hot 4. It is windy

Ideally, each student will have some of their items matching, and some of them that don't. For example if you have ten students, I may have 8 of those ten students that share the same words.

Once you've made a card for as many students as you have, have each student set their chair up in a circle. One student does not have a chair, and therefore will call first. He reads any prhase or word on his card. All students with that word, MUST get up and change chairs. THe student who called the word, must also try to find a chair. Ideally, the goal is for everyone with that word to move from their original chair to another. They cannot stay in the same chair if the word that was called is on their card. THe student without a chair, now becomes the next to call.

Warning: With rowdy kids, this can get dangerous, as they tend to push each other to get to the chair, but with proper supervision, this game is great fun! The kids just love it. You can use any topic you wish, so it's always reusable!

Good luck!

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