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Have you ever - A question asking game

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Level: beginner to advanced, including mixed level classes
Material: classroom chairs, and a minimum of 3 students.
Age: any

Student love this game. It can be adapted to any level and used as an icebreaker, or any time you think students need to get up and run around the classroom. It encourages students to use any available language. You’ll be impressed after playing a few times, they take very little time to find questions to ask.

Sit the students in a circle, and ask a level appropriate closed question. For example, (beginner) Do you like pizza? Did you sleep yesterday? Did you eat breakfast?
(intermediate/advanced) Have you ever spoken to a stranger? Have you ever been grounded? Have you eaten breakfast today?

If the students can answer ‘yes’, they switch seats. Each student takes a turn asking a question.Try to encourage idioms with advanced students. Simple enough? Now the variations:

Competitive version (most liked version)
Remove one chair. The last student standing must ask the question. With advanced classes I give 5 seconds to come up with a question. The students also like to see the teacher play the game.

With mixed level classes, determine what type of question each student must come up with. The basic student only needs to ask ‘Do you like…’ questions, and the advanced students the ‘Have you ever’ questions. HINT: with mixed level classes, make sure every student understands before getting everyone to switch seats.

Ask the question, get everyone to answer before switching seats. This works especially well with beginners. It encourages answers like ‘me too’ or ‘me neither’ …

There are innumerable variations, hope your students enjoy it!

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