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Tips for Struggling Readers

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Recently, I worked with kids who had difficulty in reading. After some trial and error, I found some ways that helped my students improve their level.

This applies to anyone who is struggling with reading. It really helps to break down words into smaller parts to help children read bigger words. For example, the word 'invention' might seem difficult for some readers, so breaking it down to 'in' 'ven' 'tion' (prefix, root, suffix) would really help them recognise the word parts and apply it to other big words. With some practice, they will develop the skill and become more fluent readers.

Also, it is important to teach them how to ask important questions about the text and to summarise, repeat events in sequential order, understand what was happening, who was involved and the implications of what they have just read (apply it to their prior knowledge and relate it)so they can form positive habits that they apply to any text they read.

A very helpful site for multi leveled classrooms I found was It also lists articles to explain why some may be struggling with reading and an evaluation tool to guide the educator on how to cater their lessons for the child in question. For more on that you can also go to on ways to deal with reading disabilities.

Best of luck to you all!

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