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Asking and answering questions about people

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You'll need several large pictures of interesting-looking people (from magazines). Tell the students you are playing an imagination game, and they get to make up the answers. You hold up a picture and ask, "What's her name?" Elicit an answer from the students. "Where is she from?" "What does she do?" "What does she like to do?" "Is she married?" "How old is she?" "Does she have any pets?" "Does she play any sports?" "What kind of music does she like?". The students take turns providing the answers. Then hold up a new picture. Ask them to get with a partner. One partner asks the questions and the other answers. When they're done, hold up a third picture and have them change roles. Variation: If the class is very small, you can go around the circle and have the students take turns asking the questions. Sometimes students give funny answers; "She likes to catch frogs."

Ed Stamm, Nagoya, Japan

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