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Socca Bottle Shootout

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It's about time I submit something; I hope this is useful!
This idea is a lot of fun when you have classes up to 20 students,
Lower level, young learners between 8 and 15 years old.

1) Get two empty plastic bottles, or plastic bowling tenpins (I think that's what they're called);
2) Put them on the floor, about 15 feet apart;
2) Let two students come up front and let them stand behind the bottles or tenpins.
3) let students answer a few questions or do a small dialogue;
4) give them a ball and let them try to hit the other studentís bottle or tenpin by shooting at it.

A few things:
1) remind your students to shoot gently, you don't want the other students to go home with a black eye;
2) add more distance when you think it's too easy. Put the bottles closer together when it's too hard;
3) students keep on shooting until one student's bottle falls over;
4) they can't prevent the ball hitting their bottle at any time. They shoot from behind their own bottle.

Hope you can use this in your class,


Anhui Province, China

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