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word hop and count down

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A good game to get the students talkin:
It's best to have an article of clothing that is absolutely goofy, and totally unwanted. For example I chose those goofy glasses that have a fake nose and a mustache. Start by wearing the item. Explain to the class that you will pick a word, such as "frog" and then pass the item to a student, and tell them to pick another word that ends with the letter of the word you just said. For example they would say: "Girl" because you ended with "g"
You can start with as many seconds as you want, but I start with about 10. If they don't think of a word within 10 seconds, they have to wear the item. Because the item is no longer in circulation, you can call on names, or throw a ball to get their attention. Progressively shorten the time to which they have to think of the new word. It gets the students to think and speak, while having fun, and can be played in a relatively big group. Just make sure the item is easily passable and that is totally ridiculous

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