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Taking you name on holiday

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Just something that I haven't done in a long time, but was reminded now while reading the game "A Ship comes loaded" We used to play this as kids during our Youth get togethers as well. It was great fun, but can only be done once with each class.

Firstly I would suggest you tell one or two people the trick so that they can also provide a few more model answers than just your own model answer.

The trick is, you can only take things on holiday with you that start with the same letter as the first letter of your name. So as my name is Mark I can only take my mat, my magazine, etc. Peter will only be able to take his pet, pen, etc.

You tell the rest of the class that we are all going on a trip to many countries and they can only take certain items with them. They have to try to guess what the trick is. (Don't give too much information at first as the purpose is for them to ask you and practice expressing themselves)

So everyone sits down. You can start off by saying "I'm going to Australia and I'm going to take my...." The next person will then say "I'm going to Australia and I'm going to take my..." You tell them if they can take the item or not and move on to the next person.

When it comes around to me again I normally change the destination, perhaps to India or whatever. This helps to keep the people guessing.

I teach in China and I find Chinese love puzzles, but will always pressurize you into giving the answer. Don't do it too soon, but also don't leave it too late! You don't want to make them too frustrated, just always encourage them. Great practice for communication because they will always ask you if they've guessed the trick correctly.

Durban, South Africa

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