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Run On Sentences

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Summary: Students, divided into teams, must read a sentence to their chosen "runner", who dashes around the room picking the necessary words off the walls.

Prepare a whole bunch of words printed one to a page. Make a lot of copies of commonly used words like connectors, determiners, pronouns, etc. Tape the words to the walls around the room. Prepare a number of sentences that use only those words you have on the walls.

Each team chooses a runner. The chosen runner for each team is the only one allowed to be up. All others must stay in their seats, but they're sitting together. Give each team 2-3 copies of the sentence. On the "go" signal, the team reads the sentence to their runner, who must dash around, collecting the necessary words to recreate the sentence. He brings the words to the team's table, where the team works together to arrange the words correctly to recreate the sentence.

First team to complete the sentence correctly wins a point. Any words that aren't too damaged can be taped up again to be re-used. Teams choose another runner and the teacher gives out another sentence.

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