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Steal Switch Bust meets Word Association Challange

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I have slowly but surely read my way through every single game idea posted on this site and, after having tried out many of them, I have come to the point where I have run out of ideas for games that would work well in my classes. However, as luck would have it (did I just say "luck"?!), I have come up with an idea for a "hybrid" game.

My idea combines Aaron's (China) game "Steal Switch Bust" and Jacquie's (Japan) game "Word Association Challenge." Although I haven't yet tried out the latter game (although I do plan to do so very soon), I have tried out the former one, and it went down excellently with my middle school classes. I won't repeat the procedure of the individual games, but I will say this: Simply play Steal Switch Bust, but, instead of having the students spell out words that you give them or have them select, you read out a word that you have on a list in front of you and ask the students (i.e. one student from each time) to choose the word written on the board that is associated with that word. The first student to give you the correct answer wins a point for his/her team. You can incorporate all sorts of additional rules such as time-limits, challenges, asking the winning student/team to make a sentence using one or both words, etc.

My thanks to Aaron and Jacquie for providing me with the inspiration for this game idea. Let me know if you used it and how it went.

Chris Cookson
Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, People's Republic of China
Email: [email protected]

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