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Sentence Building Bonanza

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I've played this game a bunch of times in classes of varying levels, and the students generally enjoy it.

Split the class into two or more teams, then have each team send a nominee to the front of the class. Give the nominees three randomly chosen words, and ask them to construct a grammatically correct sentence that includes those words. The point goes to the team that is first to write a CORRECT sentence on the board. If there are mistakes in the sentence, the nominees team mates may suggest alterations/corrections. The team that is first to construct a correct sentence gets the point. Call for two new nominees, and give them 3 new words.

The number of words can be adjusted depending on the level of the class. Beginners might do better with two, or even one word, while advanced classes might like the challenge of four or five.

This game encourages students to think about grammar, and to self-correct common mistakes.

Ben, Liaoning China.

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