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Zonk them into Speaking English

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This is a great game to work on Numbers. It is quite simple once you demonstrate how play. I have used it with 8 year olds with very little English If you play with your students, you can make the rule you have to use their language. (It really helped me with learning numbers in Korean)
Zonk Rules
This game is most commonly known as Dice 10,000 but I have heard it called Boxcar, Foo, Zilch, and Crap Out, Greed, Farke, and Amish Dice. I like to call it Zonk to make my students practice Zs

What you need to play
6 dice
a sheet of paper
1 or more players, its better with 2-6 people.
How to play Everyone starts with a score of zero and the first person rolls all six dice.
1.As he./she rolls during his turn, the player is looking to score points, in the form of Sets (see scoring below).
a.If a roll scores any points, he/she may set aside each Set he wants to claim points from, and either:
b.roll all remaining dice, to score additional Sets.
c.or if all six dice are put aside into Sets, roll all six dice again, hoping to score additional Sets.
d.or pass play to the next player, if he deems the chance of failure to be too great.
e.If a roll scores no points, the player forfeits the points scored that turn, and play is passed to the next player. She/he has zonked out
f.If they decides to stop, the score points are added to the players bank.
Scoring sets in a single roll
a single 1: 100
a single 5: 50
triple of 1s: 1000
triple of 2s: 200
triple of 3s: 300
triple of 4s: 400
triple of 5s: 500
triple of 6s: 600
four-of-a-kind: Multiply triple
score by 2
five-of-a-kind: Multiply four-of-a-kind
score by 2
six-of-a-kind: Multiply score by2 or
1000 if higher
six of 1s: 5,000
three pair: 750
straight (length 6): 1500
Example of game play
Object of the game (Winning)
Be the first person to 10,000 points, typically takes about 20-30 mins.
House rules
1. Speak Only English or loose 100 points
2.A player has to score 500 points before she/he can get on the board. Once a player has got on the board, he or she may stop at any point value,called Breaking the ice
3.Amish Dice: In this variant, if a player decides to stop with points, the next player, only if on the board, may take the remaining dice and roll them to try to get more points. IF he/she zonks

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