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predictions with feet

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Here's how to get students to produce contracted forms of will for predictions. Tell students that the front of the foot is the sole and the back is the heel. Drill these, getting students to stand on the appropriate part of the foot as they repeat.

Now stick a picture of a man and a woman on the board. Point to the man and say 'He'll do well in the race.' Point out that 'He'll' is pronounced the same as 'heel'. Ask them to repeat and get them to stand on their heels as they say this. Then point to the woman and say 'So'll she'. Demonstrate that 'so'll' is pronounced the same as 'sole' and ask students to stand on their soles as they say this. Practise a few more examples of predictions eg 'he'll get home late/have an accident/get the job, etc' and let the students practice in pairs.

Simon Mumford

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