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Who is Picasso

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Title: Who is Picasso
Topic: Describing People
Level: Beginner
Age: Kids
Skill: Listening, Speaking, Grammar, Adjectives

This is an immense activity for reviewing adjectives and practicing how to make a description

Minimum 40 minutes
Newspapers, Magazines, and Comic Books Pictures
Sheets of Paper
Coloring Materials

1. The student should have an idea of the adjectives and how to describe people or pictures.
2. Tell the student that they should describe the picture to their group.
3. One member will be in front of the class and the other members will try to draw the picture that the student in the front is describing.
4. The student is not allowed to do movements. They will just talk about the picture.
5. The teacher will judge the drawing. You can use your own point system
6. After giving a point, show to the student the drawing and the real picture. And try to discuss the differences. This can also be a review of comparatives.
7. Choose a picture that they can describe. This activity can be used in different levels.

albert torralba

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