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I was having difficulty with little students.They were making too much noise and preventing me from teaching.So i found a way to deal with them which saved my life.It still works in different classes in different cities.
First divide the class into 3 or 4.Each group has a name which is found by the members of the group(shining stars,champions...).The best group is awarded by a flower at the end of each week.The leader collects the flowers(the flowers are made by me from cartoon)till the end of the term.Besides i have one YELLOW and a RED flower.The yellow flower is warning(when one of the group members behave bad,or don't participate).If the warned group behaves the same they take another yellow flower.The second one means they take the RED flower which prevents them to deserve the flower that week.At the end of the term i collect the flowers from the leaders and choose the best group and they are awarded.If the group which got the flower that week mocks with the other groups i take the flower away.
This helped me to deal with very crowded classes(45 students in a class!!)and they compete with each other to get the flower.I hope it works on your classes,too.
Melek Koçanalı
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